Handling and sale of materials for flexible containers.




"Our aim is to satisfy our customers' needs, for which we offer over 40 years of experience in the market. We have the suitable technology and team of professionals in order to provide a complete, tailor-made service. "


Guardian Española, S.A. was established in 1964 by GUARDIAN PACKAGING CORPORATION, a company with head offices in California and a pioneer in extrusion coating paper and cardboard in Spain.


After undergoing several mergers and purchases, the company has belonged to the largest companies in the flexible packaging sector worldwide, such as AMERICAN NATIONAL CAN, PECHINEY and ALCAN. Belonging to these groups has provided the company extensive experience until becoming a leader in quality and service.


We have given continuity to the main business of GUARDIAN ESPAÑOLA S.A. in the production, handling and sale of materials for flexible containers, mainly, for the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. These materials for flexible containers have been designed to provide effective barriers against humidity, oxygen, grease and other elements that can damage the contents, thus extending the useful life of the packaged product without requiring the use of a rigid, more expensive container, such as those made of glass or metal.


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