We can put all your sales and promotional articles into small packets or envelopes. Marbles, spinning tops, stickers, potos, cards, promotional ítems for food products, holograms…

Envelopes or flow packs.

Our versatile machinery means we can adapt to the needs of each client in both size and quantity.

Our logistics department will study your requirements and the specifications of your products so as to offer a detailed cost analysis in function of your timing and production priorities.


Generally the first operation is to cut the formats, which subsequently permits collation of the paper. We have several "POLAR 115 EM" high precisión, automatic guillotines for this process.


For either random or systematic collation we have the modular collator, "BOURG S DIN A-3" with 20 double loading workstations with miss and double control, giving assembly cycles of absolute precision.


We have three sections for the different packing operations.

    Our "MONDINI" machines pack up to eight cards / ítems per envelope in varius formats and materials. The cold sealing system is essential to obtain the high throughput necessary, meaning we can pack up to 1 million envelopes per day.
    Our state-of-the-art machines with 14 "LONGFORD" feeders pack the articles in air-tight, heat-sealed bags of a number of materials: from transparent polypropylene to sophisticated metalised laminates. The contents can be three dimensional objects such as small figures, marbles, puzzles, etc. or up to 50 perfectly sorted cards. The automatic reel change mechanism and high speed operation mean we can produce some 500.000 envelopes per day.
    We have a clean-room for packing cards an other ítems that have to be in direct contact with food and require handling in a sterile environment. Four machines specifically designed for such a purpose give us a production capacity or 2.000.000 packs per day.


Rental and sale of specialized equipment on high speed for applying stickers and tattoos.

Our technical department will conduct a study of your packaging line to adapt our machinery insertion promotions within your process.

For those lines which are not possible online application have machinery for the process offline.

The machines are available:

  • APPLICATOR HEADS - Application of promotional items in packaging
    We take care of introducing stickers and/or tattoos on product packaging in accordance with your specific promotional needs, thus helping your promotion successfully reach your target audience. These can be attached to candy bags, flowpacks, Tetra cartons, bags, etc., both outside and inside the film.
    They can be applied either online, by installing our devices into your packaging line, or offline, where we provide you film reels with the stickers or tattoos already stuck on the coil. Our state-of-the-art machinery, designed by our own engineers, provides our customers with all the experience we have acquired in over 25 years in the promotions industry.  
    In those cases where customers have a specific need for packaging the product, along with the selected promotional items, using flowpack technology, we are able to provide the installation of any of our machines specifically built for this purpose at their plant or wherever they see fit.
    We have automatic feeders that can be installed both horizontally and vertically into your packaging lines. Our range consists of friction, gravity and rotary feeders. Contact our experts and we will provide you the feeder that best suits your needs.

All our machines are available in the following forms:

  • Lease for the duration of the promotion, in those cases where our company serves the promotional items.
  • Rental for specific needs of our customers or promotional agencies.
  • Sale.